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Chances are, if you found this site, you already know of all the wonderful properties of linen.
But just in case you don’t:
Here in Southern Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie, it can get particularly hot and humid in the summer. (We suppose that’s the reason why the grapes grow so well around here and the wineries are aplenty).
And during one of those humid afternoons we’ve discovered that there is nothing like a simple linen shirt to instantly transform your day from “too-hot-to-function” to a “lovely day in paradise”.
Linen is an all-natural material, made from flax plant. It has been used for many centuries and it is making a huge comeback in the recent years, as people are realizing all of its benefits.
It is a known fact that while wearing linen clothes in hot weather, your body is 3-4 degrees Celsius cooler, than in other types of fabrics.
Because linen is made from flax plant, it can absorb more than 20% its weight in moisture, and that means neither you nor your clothes will ever feel “sticky”or clammy.
We especially love our "Lightweight Linen" collection for those hot and humid days, because the loose weave gives your body the best chance to breathe.
And while the choice is yours, we always recommend light colors for those hot summer days. As you may know, the darker the color - the more light and heat it absorbs. (This is why the black leather seats in your car get scorching hot in the sun). And the opposite is true -  the lighter the color – the more light and heat it will reflect back to the environment (away from you).
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