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Pure Linen Envy is the most affordable linen fabric retailer in Canada and we are happy to see you!

Below is some information regarding the linen fabric we carry. And if you have any questions, please email us at

Types of Linen

We carry only 100% linen fabric. You will not see any "linen blends" on our site!

Please note, in order to avoid confusion, we have re-named our collections.

Our linen comes in three weights: Featherlight, Summer Breeze, and Everyday.

Featherlight Linen has the density of 100 g/m²  (3 oz/yd²).

Summer Breeze Linen has the density of 150 g/m²  (4.5 oz/yd²).

Everyday Linen has the density of 200 g/m²  (6 oz/yd²).

All linen types are high quality, soft, 100% linen. 

The difference between the weights is that Featherweight Linen is very light and sheer.

It is appropriate for light blouses, undergarments, children's wear, and for very hot weather.

Summer Breeze linen is still quite light, but not sheer. It is appropriate for clothing, shirts, women dresses.

Everyday linen is well suited for clothing, pants, bedding. Keep in mind, at 6 oz it is not heavy enough to use in upholstery.

Before you cut your fabric


Please remember that linen does shrink a few centimeters after the first wash, so do not start your project until you wash and dry your fabric one or two times.

Plus the texture of the material transforms after the first wash, it becomes much softer. So remember to wash it first!


You are always welcome to order a sample. Samples (approximately 3 by 5 inches) are $1.50. 

The shipping of samples is free, unless you are ordering a lot of samples - then shipping is $6.

To order a sample, choose "Order Sample" from the drop down window on the product page.


We accept credit card payments as well as PayPal payments.

If you submitted your order manually via email and you have access to PayPal, we can send you a PayPal payment request for the total of your order - if you wish.

We also accept:

  • bank drafts and cheques made payable to 8160384 CANADA INC. , address: 18 Niece Road, Lowbanks, ON, N0A 1K0

  • Bank transfers (e-Transfer) made payable to 8160384 CANADA INC. , email address: Please send a separate email with the password.

If you submitted your order from the website checkout process, you will  receive a confirmation email  with the above payment instructions.



We will ship your order via Canada Post. The shipping calculations are done by weight.

Orders over $100 qualify for a $5 shipping discount. Please use coupon code 5656

To get an estimate of shipping charges:

1. Add all your items into your cart (this will be used to estimate weight of the package)

2. Click on "View Cart"

3. Click on "Estimate Shipping & Taxes":

4. Fill out your postal code and click on "Get Quotes"

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