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Specialty Linen

Undyed 150g Regular Weave Undyed 150g Regular Weave
Color: Undyed 150g Regular WeaveCollection: EuropeanContent: 100% Linen Weight: 150 gram/meterWidth: 150 cmCertification: OEKO-TEX 100 certifiedUnbleached and undyed, this fabric is as "old country" as it gets!You can order a sample by selecting "sample" in the drop-down menu on the right...
$19.50 CAD
A sample of each of our linens.Roughly 100 samples. Value over $150.Each sample is labeled.Size of each sample approximately 3 x 6 inches.Please keep in mind, our collection evolves over time. Some fabrics get added, and some are discontinued.The samples in this package reflect what we offer at the ..
$75.00 CAD
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