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The long-overdue FAQ!

1. Is the linen in European collection really from Europe?

Linen in our European collection is woven in Eastern Europe, and is OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

We ship/import it in bulk directly from the Eastern-European manufacturer.

2. Do you sell wholesale?

We do not have wholesale pricing, sorry! But we do offer free shipping on all larger orders (over $200).

3. Do you ship to US and other countries?

We do ship to US, and you will see all shipping options available to you during checkout process.

We do not ship to any other countries (because shipping will cost you a lot more than the fabric).

4. I am really close by! Can I come check you guys out?

Unfortunately our store is online-only at this time. 

(Our prices would have to be a lot higher if we had to maintain a brick-and-mortar store and sales personnel).

However you can always order a sample of any fabric you are interested in.

Samples are $1.50 each. We will ship the samples in a regular envelope for free. Only 10 samples can fit in an envelope.

5. I just made an order! When will I receive it?

We will package and ship your order within 2 business days. 

After that - it depends on the distance and how fast Canada Post can get it there.

Customers in Ontario and Quebec will receive it within a day or two.

Customers in BC - could be up to a week.

6. I run a business and I would like ALL of your samples. Don't make me pick them out one at a time.

You can get a full set here:

7. I am looking to make something really specific, and wondering if your linen will do.

We encourage you to get a sample first. Better safe than sorry!

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